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Department of Botany

The department of Botany was established in the year 2017 with the objective of imparting education on plant sciences. The department along with academic activities also promotes students in various experiential and participative studies like regular field visits and seminars.
1. To promote the culture of learning by educating students in the basics of plant science, its related components, and evolving advancements that will serve science and the nation in the twenty first century.
2. To expertise our students with the basic skills in identifying and labeling different plants.
1. To know the importance and scope of Botany.
2. To develop a scientific attitude to make students open minded, critical and curious.
3. To expose themselves to the diversity amongst life forms.
4. To make aware of natural resources and environment and the importance of conserving it.
1. Joynath Pegu: 2019 till date (non-sanction)
2. Velishna Doley: 2023 till date( non-sanction)
3. Kaveri Payeng: 2023 till date (non-sanction)