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Department of English

Established in the year 1987, with specific purpose of imparting undergraduate studies in English literature and language, the department of English has related itself to the social needs of the region right from the beginning. While imparting studies in English literature and language, the Department intends to give students a broad cultural background which is necessary for the students to become concerned and well-informed citizens and to enrich the personal lives. The Department offered Major course from the year 2005. Studies in English literature are not confined to the literature of the British Tales written in the English language. It includes select European, American, African and Indian writing in English. The Department of English, since its inception, has functioned not just as a conveyor of established knowledge and accepted ideas but also encourage involving in other co-curricular activities. The Department has been constantly defining and reviewing its objectives through regular meetings and group discussions among the Faculty members of the Department.

i) As the college is located in rural area, the department seeks to provide access to quality English language education to students of this area. This can empower them to pursue higher education and participate in broader economic and social context.
ii) To develop students’ language proficiency, critical thinking skills, and appreciation for literature.
iii) To foster effective communication, promoting cultural understanding through literary analysis and preparing students for academic and professional success in fields where English proficiency is essential.
iv) To encourage creativity, inspire a love for reading and writing and equip students with the tools to analyse and interpret various forms of written expression.

Year of Establishment :1987
Year of opening Major Course: 2005
Nos. of faculty: 04
Teacher –student’s ratio: 1:20

1. Sri Kiran Doley, M.A., M. Phil (HoD) 9435484549
2. Sri Hemanta Sarma, M.A., M. Phil 9954520445
3. Sri Dilip Deori, M.A, (NET) (Contractual) 8876974416
4. Sri Sentanung Medok, MA(NET)(Contractual) 8399897668