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Department of Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy was established in 1984. The department got the permission for honours subject in 2005. Since then it has been ceaselessly working on emancipating knowledge of philosophical views of both Indian and western.

1. Smt. Shyamali Hazarika, M.A (NET) (HoD)(On lien leave). 9435380220
2. Dr. Prantika Sarma, M.A., (NET) M.Phil, Ph.D 9864124684
4. Sri Jadav Pegu, M.A., (SLET) N/A

Late Nabajeet Das
Mr. Taranath Mahanta
Dr. Golap Sharma Baruah
Smt. Luhita Doley
Dr. Bornali Borah
Mr. Thogendra Chutia
Smt. Manisha Tayung
Smt. Nirmali Nath
Dr. Arundhati Lahon
Smt. Laxmi Sinha


1. Every year a wall magazine named ‘Chinton’ is published by the department to offer opportunities to the students for the development of their inherent talent. It helps the students to develop their skills outside classroom.

2. A biennial magazine named ‘Gyananweshi The Sophophile’ is published with the initiation of the ‘Darshan Sora’ a forum of philosophy department. The forum is formed by the students and teachers of the department with a view to promote the students’ activities in physical, mental, spiritual and intellectual field. Keeping this objective in mind the forum organises different literary and cultural activities and also meditation and yoga session under experts’ supervision time to time to enrich their all round development.



In Addition to the central library of the college the department has a departmental library of its own. The library is equipped with 350+ books which cover the syllabus of undergraduate course of Dibrugarh University. The library serves as a hub of knowledge and information to support the academic pursuits of students and faculty. Particularly the economically backward students of this rural based college are benefited a lot by the library. All the students and the faculties are allowed to keep at least two books per person for 12 days.