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Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology was established in 1991 in Murkong Selek College and further introduced it as a Major course in 2005. Since then, the Department has been endlessly providing its students with the fundamental knowledge of society, theoretical perspectives, and has been enlightening them to debate and conceptualize social issues, ideasand concerns which will deliberately contribute to the scientific understandings of social life and service. The curriculum aims to equip and foster the young minds with a sound academic foundation that would help them to question critically, think logically with a righteous vision of the social world. The Department timely organizes seminars, group discussions, field visits to encourage and engage them in topics which are currently relevant nationally and internationally.

The Department also strives at motivating the students for extra – curricular learning and activities. The students of the department regularly participate in competitions held by the college like quiz competition, wall magazine competition, elocution competition etc.

In addition, our departmental library provides easy accessibility of books and articles which is one of the prominent resource for any student. The unrestricted and availability of books in the library has immensely helped the students throughout the year.

1. Lawn Weingken
2. Dhiren Saikia
3. Sri Devid Narah, M.A, (SET) (Contractual)
4. Rute Daimary (Contractual)

1. Dr. Dharmeswar Pegu
2. Dr. Gunaram Gogoi
3. Karthik Chandra Pegu
4. Khageswar Pegu(Contractual)
5. Nirupom Kardong(Contractual)
6. Bharati Kuli( Contractual)